Wednesday, July 25

I am the Queen of…

Yes, I am known as the Queen of the Pterodactyls but those who are closest to me know the bare truth that I am more notably known as the Queen of Bodily Functions. Let me just say that the raw food diet so harmonizes with my body that I am in danger of losing my latter title.

The heart of live food, Roxanne Klein writes, is enzyme preservation. Cooking food kills enzymes. Live food is loaded with them. Enzymes help us digest and they act as catalysts for every metabolic reaction in your body. Cell division, energy production, brain activity, all need enzymes. Vitamins and hormones need enzymes to do their work, as does our immune systems. The hormone part is close to my heart as I begin my journey on pausing menses, with the byproduct of the urge to tear my clothes off, especially at night.

Temperatures higher than 118 degrees kills enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, that's why we use dehydrators over long periods of time to get the texture, without losing all the healthy stuff. When my body is dealing with such functional, alkalizing fuel, I don’t heat up. Unprocessed foods are cooler and that’s good for a Queen with lively bodily functions.

Take raw cheese for example. In raw food-making cheese is nut cheese and is “cured” with rejuvelac, a fermented grain berry juice that’s loaded with enzymes and naturally occurring acidophiles which is a well known probiotic that promotes production of niacin and folic acid in your body, good digestion and is also considered an immune booster. Lactose intolerant like me? Delicious nut cheese is the answer! No longer do you have to look to dairy to get your acidophiles. Click here for information on rejuvelac and how to make it:

Today’s recipe is the Mediterranean Cheese Salad. The cashew cheese was rolled in tomatoes, basil and olives. The spicy pine nuts were my favorite surprise in this salad: soaked pine nuts tossed with chile, cumin, salt and onion and then dehydrated until they were crispy. The salad is served with live flax crackers (pure omega-3 fatty acids).

I don’t think I should lose my title over this. I am still the Queen of Bodily Functions. They’re just quiet, gliding vibrant functions now, that’s all. Ahaa, Ahaa.