Friday, June 22

On Fire!

After eating this way all week, I started to get a real energy boost on Wednesday, but by Thursday, I was ELECTRIC! I just FEEL SO GOOD eating this way! I worked a full day, took the dogs out, started on the "cheese slices" and "bread" for the "hamburgers," prepared lunch and dinner, got a little work-out in, worked on my music, met with Rick to sing through our song list, then even went to Deb's to look at the paint job in her kitchen. Of course I went over there in my house shoes and left wearing only one. When it came time to leave we couldn't find the mate anywhere. Those damn dogs.

Truthfully, and I know this sounds cliche, but when you eat live you feel alive. It feels great to be human when you feel good.
And it's amazing what actually tastes good once you get into it, for example, yesterday for lunch this is what I had:

red onion and cherry tomatoes with wine vinegar+olive oil
julienned (gotta use a mandolin, folks) raw sweet potato
with pine nuts
that was it! totally satisfying and the sweet potato was didn't need a thing. I ate every scrap. For dinner I rummaged through the Vibrant Living recipe book and made a Cucumber/Avocado Soup that had chopped zucchini in it. Now I don't even like raw zucchini, and this was DELICIOUS! I don't know what it is, but you gotta try this! I went a little off the raw, and simmered up some cracked wheat and served it over spinach, tomatoes, etc., and the dressing was pureed tomato and basil. Yum! For dessert I brought the rest of the Sharlyn Melon granita I had left over to Deb's and had it with her. She was rinsing her nuts and was showing me her raw cookbooks...she's totally getting into this! I'm in the middle of an interview with her to put on Sarah's website. She was the first woman electrician-forman in San Francisco, so i'm interviewing her on what it's like to be in an almost entirely male trade.
I like the brain dead aspect I enjoy from using a cookbook. Sometimes it's hard to get into the kitchen to figure out a meal. With this "mission" of mine, I just open the cookbook, and all I have to do is follow the steps. My dad was a big cookbook guy, maybe that's what infected me. But it's just so easy instead of wondering what to have for lunch/dinner, I just open one of the living recipe books until I run across a recipe I have all the ingredients for. Sometimes they don't even sound that good, but then, they'll taste suprisingly terrific. I think that's what is getting so many of us into this concept of eating live, and is keeping us here: it's delicious!