Sunday, June 3

Recipe Uno - Wakame Sushi Rolls

The first recipe is a gourmet looking sushi roll. One of the reasons I never did anything but look at this book with awe and put it back down again.
This recipe went suprisingly well, except that photographer-husband did not download the photos and then "disappeared" from his camera. ugh. so I did the recipe a 2nd time, pictured here a little blurry. Of course you can't really see the sushi and that's because oh-esteemed photographer husband doesn't know how to use his own camera. God forbid should either one of us read the manual. They say food styling and photography is a real art and now I can see why. God, how awful photos of home food can look! I can't be a cook and a techno-photographer both.

I discovered daikon and parsnips, and both are wonderful! You can julienne either up (use a mandolin) for salads...yum! But this recipe used parsnips as the "rice" in the sushi roll.
I felt sure when I rolled it up, it would be a disaster, with the contents bulging out and even worse when I cut it, imagining the nori paper to tear and fall apart, but miraculously, with my first turned out as delicious as it was beautiful.

Of course I had to snigger at the call for "brunoise cut" and the "baton" cut this or that. What the hell is brunoise? According to my Food Lover's Companion it is a "mixture of vegetables, finely diced or shredded." And indeed, in the back of Roxanne's book, she does give a definition...fine dice, as she does with baton: match stick. And she says to use the daikon leaves...uh, excuse me, they are tough and practically inedible! I mean this is real life here.

Well, I've learned two fancy words and satisfied the bird (that's daniel, oh-beloved husband-photographer) with a delicious dinner, twice.