Friday, June 29

Cucumber Rolls and Jicama Corn Salad, 9 down and 44 to go

Evening plans meant I had to throw together recipes number 8 and 9 over lunch. Rick & Alane invited us to a private screening of a new documentary Semper Fi, One Marine’s Journey. This story, about a courageous and gentle man’s discovery of the truth of our “war on terror” and about himself was powerful. I hope you’ll check it out on Showtime, see This is a man who follows his passions. I believe our passions lead us to heal the world in some way, yet here I am involved in this passion. How superfluous this project seems when compared to what this man is doing. And yet, I know in my heart we are all part of that "grand orchestra" each with our part to play. We have to fully honor the part we play and trust, trust (underscored) that what we are following is somehow a contribution, and never second-guess it no matter how small or silly it seems. I guess that is the challenge. That somehow something as seemingly insignifcant as my own indulgence here with this project can somehow contribute in some way for the greater good of all. I don't know, maybe it's just a drop of sweetness that the world needs.

Back to lunch. Daniel came to the rescue, sharpening the knife and cutting the vegetables “brunoise.” No dehydrating necessary and I had all the ingredients. With Daniel’s help, all I had to do was put it together. Then I realized I had forgotten the Asian Pear for the salad. What to do? One thing this book is teaching me is to have the courage to substitute. I spied a green apple, why not? In fact, it was the perfect substitute. Really, I think the pear would have blended in too much with the jicama and corn. The sour apple really gave the flavor a pop that was terrific! The cucumber rolls? Well they just would not roll. I guess I shaved the cucumber too thickly. I forced a couple for the photo (thank you, toothpicks), but for lunch we just used the cucumber as “bread” to scoop up the stuffing. Both recipes were sublimely delicious, fresh and energizing. I wish it could always be this easy.

I’m still looking for salsify. Any takers for finding this little devil?