Thursday, June 21

Morning Love

One thing about preparing food this way, your kitchen is easier to clean up.

I don't say this because my husband does all the dishes now. no, he just thinks he's doing all the dishes...but I say this because there's no grease. no splattered olive oil, no greasy pans, no big pots, and the stove top is immaculate! And just think, that's what's going into your body! It's just raw fruits and vegetables, but overall, pretty easy to clean up. OK, a dog food can that needs to be cleaned out because I insist on recycling, plus stray dog hairs. And I also insist on composting, which enrages my husband. I mean what's the big deal? A few fruit flies buzzing around. This really bugs him (ha!) but it has cut down on our trash, and I've made some killer soil from it.
This morning I skipped the favorite part of beginning my day: the Morning LoveFest.

With two rescue dogs, one who sleeps with us and the other who climbs up about 6:30 am every morning to wedge himself between my husband and I, we (or I, really) ritually begin the day with a snuggle fest of kissing and rubbing these canine angels.

This morning, anxious to start "nacho cheese" for a "hamburger" recipe from Juliano's cookbook, I skipped our routine. Shortly after I'm up, the dogs sauntered into the kitchen bleary-eyed, heads down, nudging me. They needed their morning coffee: LoveFest.