Tuesday, June 19

What is a Sharlyn Melon? And what the hell is Salsify? Recipes #4+

For my next foray, I thought I'd try the next-up appetizer Salsify with Black Truffles and Porcini mushrooms. I will tell you what salsify is if I ever find it. I'll also skip ahead to dessert and tackle the Watermelon Soup with Sharlyn Melon Granita.

But can I tell you Draeger's wanted $40/lb. for the porcinis. Wait, don't laugh yet, they wanted $50 for one truffle. Now I'm a hyena. Forget the truffle, lady, not gonna happen on our budget.

I bought the dried porcini's for $4.99. Draeger's is out of the salsify, but will call me if it ever comes in (coincidentally June-Aug is salsify season). I drove over to the Mexican market to see if they might have it: nada. I even called Takahashi Japanese market: sayonara.

I'll try Sigona's and then Marina Market, I've heard is pretty cosmopolitan as salsify is apparently a European thing.

But good old Draeger's-just-down-the-street did have a Sharyln melon. Here 'tis in all it's glory, a dressed up cantaloupe.

I bought the truffle oil (my first time ever!) and Kimberley's white wine vinegar, which is the only white wine vinegar I've ever tried that I thought was actually good. Really good, actually. This mission is racking up the grocery bill. I'm going to have to add a donate button to my site. seriously.

So the Sharlyn melon is for a dessert Watermelon Soup with Sharlyn Melon Granite and Micro Mint. Micro mint. I mean really.

I hauled out the ice cream maker, even though Roxanne says pour in a shallow pan, freeze and scrape with a spoon every half hour (yeah, right) "creating a snowlike result." Why can't I just use an ice cream maker? We'll see what I do here.

OK, ice cream maker it is. And on the ellusive, mysterious salsify: none at Takahashi, none at the mexican market, none at the marina international market, none at Piazza's or Rainbow in the city. However, both Draeger's and Piazza's had at least heard of it and said for me to follow up in a few days.

We only got into two arguments to get this photo taken. You'd think he'd get it after awhile. I'm preparing the meals. He's sitting there watching tv. When I call to say I'm ready for a photo, how hard is that? But it's this repetitive routine each time "where's the camera" "I don't know you had it last," then "oh the card isn't in the camera." Meanwhile my granita is melting. No pressure. So of course I had to yell at him. I told him I would fire him from photographing. And then I outlined his job position more clearly. Make sure the camera is ready, so when I call you, you take a picture. That's all I ask of you. For some reason he found this patronizing, but he did like the dessert. Happy Summer Soltice!